Sarah Boll

Designer and Glitter Connoisseur

Sarah Boll - Glitter DisasterWhen my college roommate snarkily suggested that I major in glitter, I secretly hoped that was a possibility.

I consider myself a true sparkle thrill seeker, perpetually on the quest for the most iridescent, rainbow-y, holographic, and glittery experience imaginable. My journey towards sparkle enlightenment has included engineering glitter high fives, glitter slaps, glitter wars, and late night thank you messages left at glitter factories.

My company name was inspired by a long night and a poor makeup job. A drag queen looked me over and deemed me a “glitter disaster.”

In the Glitter Disaster Laboratory amid a tornado of sequins, rhinestones, shimmering fabric, and troves of sparkles, the newest innovations are born.

Future goals include an international glitter outreach program: To bring glitter to the glitterless and fun to the darkest corners of the world, because everybody deserves the opportunity to sparkle!